How to Get the Skater Style

Ariyan Ahmed
13 min readAug 12, 2019

Skaters have long been part of a closely guarded subculture notorious for its distaste for outsiders, but the surge of the skate clothing trend has changed that — at least a little.

Most skaters have traditionally cared little for fashion, and those who did would look for inspiration anywhere but the catwalk. Slowly, that has begun to change, and skaters and designers have taken note of each other.

Skating never went anywhere. But once again, like the ’90s and early ’00s, it has captured the imagination of the public. The skate world and the streetwear world have always intersected to a certain extent with labels like Supreme and Stussy starting out as skateboard brands. But now designers like Alexander Wang and Vêtements are taking their cues from the subculture

Designers have certainly embraced skater influences and while no one can say for sure where and how the skate clothing fashion trend originated, the increasing crossover of skaters into the modeling world has surely helped.

One of the clear defining moments for skate-clothing style was the beautifully styled 2010 video called Man About Town, starring freestyle skater Kilian Martin showcasing his amazing skills and looking almost like a ballet dancer on his skateboard, all while sharply dressed.

Around the same time, pro skateboarders like Alex Olson, Dylan Rieder, and Ben Nordberg were gaining attention in the fashion world. Rieder has modeled for DKNY, while Olson is also a photographer whose work has appeared in Vogue, and Nordberg is frequently snapped on the FROWS for brands like Burberry.

In 2015 we saw our first truly strong example of skate clothing on the catwalk as Vetements’ Fall 2015 show included a fashion-ized version of Thrasher hoodies, proving that the skate clothing fashion trend was not out of place on the runway.

Skate has always had a hard-bitten aesthetic, equal parts protective and anti-authoritarian. Thick…

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